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$449.99 - $499.99
  • First Focal Plane - Reticle holdovers are always accurate no matter what magnification you're on.
  • Parallax goes down to 10 yards - Engage even the closest targets match directors throw at you.
  • 10-MIL Turrets - Simple base-10 system for fast counting and dialing on the firing line.
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Model: ETXRS3G4
  • Best Eyebox in the business - The XRS3's eyebox was improved beyond the XRS II's through 30x through the use of the larger 56mm objective lens. At 36x, the XRS3's eyebox is roughly the same as the XRS II at only 30x.
  • The all-new G4 reticle gives you a floating-dot point-of-aim with clearer sight picture for fast acquisition and dead-on accuracy.
  • Excellent Tracking and Reliability - Windage and elevation stay true to wherever you set them. Turrets engineered for clean-dialing, positive tactile clicks with dead-on repeatability.
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Model: ETDMR3G4
  • The wide, 6x magnification ratio in a short, lightweight package delivers everything you need, whether smacking tiny targets at close range or reaching out beyond 1,000 yards.
  • ED Prime objective, FMC Elements, EXO Barrier Protection and a new reticle element coating come together to increase light transmission 2% over the previous generation DMR II Pro.
  • The all-new G4 reticle gives you a floating-dot point-of-aim with clearer sight picture for fast acquisition and dead-on accuracy.
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Riflescopes for Long-Range Competition

Long-range competition can be a difficult balancing act. You need incredible glass and a large objective lens, excellent focus, sharp resolution, useful reticles, and dead-on tracking. Our expert scopes for long-range shooting are some of the best in the business.

For competition shooting, you should look for the following:

  • Ruggedness - Things happen when competing, and you need an optic that shrug off bumps, scraps, and worse.
  • Outstanding Glass - You need to be able to see the difference between a left edge hit or a center punch.
  • First focal plane reticle - For most precision rifle matches you’ll need a reticle in the first focal plane to make fast and accurate holdovers.
  • Exposed and locking turrets - You need to be able to adjust your windage and elevation fast, and also lock it so you know it won’t move from a bump against a barrier.
  • Totally reliable tracking - You need to know that when you dial your optic 1/10th of a MIL that you get exactly that, and that it can return exactly back at your zero.

The Elite Tactical DMR II Pro 3.5-21x50 Riflescope G3 is a high-end, elite riflescope with Bushnell’s highest quality glass for ultimate clarity and the sharpest visibility, has unbeatable tracking, and has industry-leading ruggedness.

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