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Model: LN1800IGG
  • Powered by Applied Ballistics, the Nitro 1800 provides a ballistic solution to 800 yards out of the box (upgradeable to over 2000 yards) and pairs with your smartphone for easy set up and data input.
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Model: FX1042AD
  • The Fusion X 10X42mm Rangefinding Binoculars feature ActivSync™ display technology, which means you’ll never again have trouble reading the ranging readout.
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Rangefinders Long-Range Shooting

Keep your game in sight with Bushnell’s long-range shooting rangefinders.

Having the right optical devices at your side is crucial – whether for hunting or for competition. That means you need to have a top-notch rangefinder to make sure you line up the best shot possible.

When you’re on the trail looking for elk or other large game, or at the range, you’re going to need a reliable rangefinder for long-range shooting.

Unfortunately, our eyes aren’t built to have the precision and detail required to spot a target and factor the exact distance. So, to hit the mark, you need to have the right rangefinder at hand to help you identify your range and start calculating your dope data.

Rangefinders come in several different types, although their primary differences revolve around the priority differences. First and second priority modes help you better line up your sight.

  • First Priority Mode: This mode helps you line up your sight in an unobstructed situation. This mode is often saved for close-range shooting or aiming in sports, such as golf
  • Second Priority Mode: This mode allows you to identify/read the farthest object in your view, bypassing any trees, brush or other obstructions. The second priority mode is ideal for hunting, especially at longer distances.

When choosing your ideal long-range rangefinder, you’ll want to consider a few key factors, including:

  • Distance required
  • Application – where will you be hunting
  • Conditions during application – weather, time of day, etc.
  • Price point
  • Features

One of the biggest deciding factors will be your budget. Yes, you can get some outstanding rangefinders for long-range shooting at lower price points. However, you’ll likely end up sacrificing some specialty features to save a few dollars.

When participating in long-range shooting, you ideally only need a rangefinder with a viewing distance of 1000 yards or greater. From there, you can decide what types of additional features you’d like, such as an integrated Applied Ballistics, compatible apps, Bluetooth pairing, etc.

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