Introducing the R-Series

A pursuit-built spectrum of optics

Built specifically for whitetail hunting, the R-Series features Binoculars, Scopes and Rangefinders that provide reliable performance to meet the demands of the hunt.

R-Series sneak


R-Series Rilfescope


R-Series Range Finders


Reliable and Robust

Reliable + Robust

Whether you need solid reliability or advanced precision, the R-Series has

you covered with two distinct optics families. The R3 offers the

performance and essential features you need and nothing that you don't.

The R5 takes it a step further with enhanced performance where it

matters most.

Focused on whitetail

At Bushnell, we recognize that hunting demands optics tailored to

specific pursuits. The R-Series was developed with whitetail hunting in

mind, offering the clarity and precision needed for success in tight-cover

and low-light conditions. We're committed to evolving with our

customers needs expect new innovations on the horizon.

Focused on Whitetail
Lifetime Warranty

In it for a lifetime

Hunt happens. Dropped your binos from the stand? We've got your back.

Stay in the game, with an unconditional, no matter what, warranty

exclusively for R-Series.

Glass that's as tough as you

Glass that's as tough as you

Embrace the slog with scratch-proof, water-repellent glass. Every R-Series is coated with Bushnell's proprietary EXO Barrier, ensuring clear vision even when nature has other plans