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  • First Focal Plane - Reticle holdovers are always accurate no matter what magnification you're on.
  • Parallax goes down to 10 yards - Engage even the closest targets match directors throw at you.
  • 10-MIL Turrets - Simple base-10 system for fast counting and dialing on the firing line.
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Model: ET732150ED
Model: ET36215H25

Riflescopes: Preparing for Rimfire Competitions

Rimfire competitions are the ultimate in precision shooting. To be taken seriously, it’s essential to have the right rimfire scope. Your options also become more limited because you need a riflescope specifically for a rimfire firearm, a .22 caliber. Bushnell’s bestselling rimfire scopes have drastically different capabilities and price ranges, so you need to know what to look for.

Rimfire scopes have to have a wider range of magnifications for you to shift between. This variety is important as you may need to aim and move from target to target. The standard range used to be closer to 2x-7x magnification, but most modern competitors are now looking for greater range.

The low should hit at least a 4x or 6x magnification to help when you need a broader field of view to find your next target. On the other end, the ideal range for higher magnification should be around 20x for serious competitors. If you’re only just starting to get into it, start with lower magnifications and work your way up. The Match Pro 6-24x50 Riflescope offers the best range for a .22 rimfire scope magnification.

Yes, your rimfire scope should have repeatable turrets if you’re looking to enter a competition - whether they are capped turrets that you don’t need to reset or uncapped that require quick resetting. A good rimfire scope will have a turret that gets you back to zero as fast as possible so you can quickly aim at your next target.

A long-range riflescope with an FFP (first focal plane) will help you reorient and have better aim with your accuracy, so look at rimfire scopes that include it as a feature. Additionally, consider a scope with a lower parallax focus distance, at least 25 yards, so you can shift to a shorter target and focus almost instantly. Lastly, for more serious competitions, consider how quickly the scope lets you shift between magnification changes. These will help set you up for a successful rimfire competition experience.

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