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Model: LP1800AD
  • The Prime 1800 rangefinder is the first rangefinder with a display that fluidly morphs from black to red for ideal contrast against your target.
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Price reduced from $249.99 to $189.99
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Model: LN1800IGG
  • Powered by Applied Ballistics, the Nitro 1800 provides a ballistic solution to 800 yards out of the box (upgradeable to over 2000 yards) and pairs with your smartphone for easy set up and data input.
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Bushnell offers the best rangefinders for a variety of long-range activities.

Long-range glassing can vary by activity and device. While there are many long-range rangefinders available, not many come with the necessary viewing ranges that some hunters and shooters require. If you’re looking for a rangefinder with a range of above 1500 yards, then Bushnell has you covered.

Rangefinders that reach out to 1500+ yards aren’t always necessary for many average applications. So, you’ll really want to take into consideration your typical use before you make your final purchase, as some units in this category can get rather pricey.

With so many rangefinders available for hunters, competitive shooters, and other outdoor enthusiasts, it’s crucial you take the time to find the right device for your particular needs.

There are dozens of options to choose from for those looking for the best rangefinder for long-range activities. The first step in determining the best rangefinder for your needs is to know what application you’ll be using it in. For those looking into 1500+ yard rangefinders, you’ll likely be using them for:

  • Rifle hunting
  • Long-range competitive shooting
  • Big game hunting
  • Range shooting


Knowing what you’ll be using your rangefinder for is only the first step in choosing the best one for your long-range activities. Other factors you’ll want to consider include:

  • Available features
  • Both minimum and maximum viewing distances
  • Conditions in which you’ll be using them in, etc.

If you’re looking for an outstanding rangefinder with all the best bells and whistles, then you’ll want to consider the Nitro 1800 Laser Rangefinder. This particular model not only goes out to 1800 yards, but it can also be upgraded to an even greater range that surpasses 2000+ yards. Other features that make this rangefinder stand out include:

  • Direct integration with Applied Ballistics
  • Smartphone app for easy data input, the setting of multiple target distances and more
  • Various modes to support rifles and bows
  • EXO Barrier to keep your lens free of fog, water and dirt.
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