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Jennifer L.S. Pearsall
Jennifer Pearsall tells the tale of how the pull-away method won her heart in trap shooting.
Ron Spomer
Ron Spomer runs through the differences between Porro and Roof prism binoculars.
Jennifer Pearsall
A Scope for Dog Town highlights the search for the right prairie dog that our writer Jennifer experienced which led her to the Match Pro, our purpose built NRL 22 rifle.
Jarrod Nichols, Team Bushnell
We head to Montana to search for a Merriam on our final of four epic hunts in episode 5 of the Bushnell Grand Slam Turkey Hunt. Can Jarrod complete his Grand Slam?
Save time getting on target with the easy way to sight in your bow.
A successful hunting trip begins with access to prime hunting land. It’s that simple. Landowners will say “yes”—if you know when and how to ask.
Peter B Mathiesen
We're chatting with Missy Gilliland about her recent successes in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competition and how to get started in competition shooting.
David Maccar
Not only did Chris Jones pull in enough fish—45 pounds and 9 ounces of bass to be exact—to land him a rockin’ third-place finish and $40,000 in prize money, his jersey bore a prominent “Big B” Bushnell logo front and center.
A beginners guide to choosing the right scope ring size for your firearm.