25 Years of Accuracy

25 Years of Accuracy

25 years ago Bushnell invented the laser rangefinder, a device that revolutionized how we hunt to this day. To celebrate, we reached out to some of our friends and hunting buddies to see how their lives have been affected by the laser rangefinder. Join our ambassadors as they share some campfire stories, featuring:

  • The Bone Collectors: Michael Waddell, Travis T-Bone Turner and Nick Mundt
  • Phillip Culpepper Jr., Realtree Spring Hunter
  • Bill & Tyler Jordon, Creator of Realtree and hosts of Realtree Outdoors
  • Don Kisky, Whitetail Freak
  • Ted Nugent – The Motor City Madman
  • Will Primos – Host of Primos Truth About Hunting
  • Tombo Martin – Buck Commander
  • Brad Ferris – Former Co-Host of Primos Truth About Hunting

Join our ambassadors as they joke, reminisce and even get a little emotional sharing their favorite stories from past hunts and their lifetime of experience. We're proud to have been a part of millions of successful hunts and continue to work toward the next 25 years of game-changing rangefinder technology.

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Hunting Before the Bushnell Rangefinder

Some of your favorite hunters remember what life was like before they got their hands on a Bushnell laser rangefinder. From string to sticks to stumps, they had some interesting strategies to estimate distance to target. 




What was the first Bushnell rangefinder you had?

 Join our ambassadors as they reminisce about their first Bushnell laser rangefinder and every successful season since. The day when strings, tape, sticks and trees were replaced by +/- 1 yard accuracy still stand out like a fresh blood trail. It’s testament to just how far this technology has come, and where it will take us in the next 25 years.





What's your favorite Bushnell laser rangefinder feature?

Ambassadors share their favorite past and present features of the Bushnell laser rangefinder, a device that changed all of our lives in some way or another. They all had a tough time choosing just one favorite feature!



How has the Bushnell laser rangefinder saved your hunt?

Every hunter’s got one – a good hunting story. We asked our ambassadors to share firsthand accounts of when the Bushnell laser rangefinder saved their hunt. What they told us could supply hours of riveting tales, but we’ve grabbed the very best for your viewing pleasure.



Would you ever hunt without a Bushnell Laser Rangefinder?

For our fifth and final video in this series, we asked our ambassadors if they’d even consider going hunting without a Bushnell laser rangefinder. Travis “T-Bone” Turner put it this way, ‘The only hunting I’ll ever do without it is the hunt for a morning biscuit.’