25 Years of Accuracy: What Was Your First Bushnell Laser Rangefinder?

Watch the next story in our series celebrating the 25th anniversary of the invention that reinvented hunting, where we ask a few of our ambassadors to tell us about their first Bushnell laser rangefinder. Words like ‘big and bulky’ came up frequently, but ‘Game-changer’ was the overwhelming favorite.


  • The Bone Collectors: Michael Waddell, Travis T-Bone Turner and Nick Mundt
  • Phillip Culpepper Jr., Realtree Spring Hunter
  • Jimmy Primos – Host of Primos Truth About Hunting
  • David Blanton – Host of Monster Bucks
  • Ted Nugent – Host of Spirit of the Wild

 Join our ambassadors as they reminisce about their first Bushnell laser rangefinder and every successful season since. The day when strings, tape, sticks and trees were replaced by +/- 1 yard accuracy still stand out like a fresh blood trail. It’s testament to just how far this technology has come, and where it will take us in the next 25 years.

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