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Model: DG850SBL
  • READS ELEVATION, RAISES ACCURACY - Bushnell's exclusive Z-mode technology instantly reads elevation change at the hole relative to the player's position. Engineered for supreme confidence in every throw.
  • MEASURES IN FEET AND METERS - For faster reference during competition. Every mode you need and none of the modes you don't.
  • FAST RANGING WITH SCAN MODE - Updates range 4x per second for fast, reliable ranging across all distances on a hole. Great for understanding the distance of elements around the fairway and the basket quickly.
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Model: 202209
  • 2X BRIGHTER 50% larger Objective lens paired with an all glass optical system bring more light to your eye for a brighter image, adding critical time to your hunt at dusk and dawn.
  • TRUE COLOR FOR ACCURATE COLOR REPRESENTATION Fully multi-coated optics with Ultra wide band coatings provide bright, true to life colors.
  • LONG DISTANCE RANGING 850 yards to a reflective target
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Model: LB850SBL
  • Accurate out to 850 yards on reflective targets
  • +/- 1-yard accuracy
  • 1-button activation
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Rangefinders 500 – 1000 Yards

Rangefinders for every occasion by a brand you can trust.

With so many types of optics available to hunters, competitive shooters and other outdoor enthusiasts, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding what device will work best for you.

Depending on the application, you may need to have several devices on hand, including rangefinders, scopes and either binoculars or monoculars.

A rangefinder is a device that is used to help estimate the distance of a target. Sometimes for beginners, they are confused with spotting scopes; however, they are two totally different devices. Rangefinders are a smaller, handheld device that allows you to line up your shot and receive clear information about the distance to that target so you can update your ballistic information correctly. Spotting scopes are often much larger and are usually mounted on a tripod.

Both are used to help acquire a target, though a rangefinder is often considered easier to use when on the move due to its compact size.


When trying to decide what type of rangefinder you want, you’ll want to consider the application in which you’ll be using it. Rangefinders have a variety of distances they can measure, usually split into short-range and long-range. Anything above 500 yards is often classified as long-range.

Outdoor activities that could benefit from a 1000-yard long-range rangefinder include:

  • Bowhunting
  • Long-range competitive shooting
  • Big game hunting
  • Rifle hunting
  • Golf
  • Disc Golf

When choosing the best rangefinder for your long-range activity, you’ll want to consider several factors, including:

  • Budget
  • Intended application
  • Conditions in which it will be used
  • Ideal distance range
  • Features, etc.

While many basic long-range rangefinders on the market could easily suit your needs, the serious hunter or competitive shooter may need a rangefinder that offers a little more in the way of features, such as:

  • Vivid display reticle
  • Angle range compensation (ARC) technology
  • A variety of targeting modes

A great example of a top-notch, budget-friendly long-range rangefinder is the Bushnell Prime 1300 Laser Rangefinder. Not only does it come with the features mentioned above, but it also has a wide-range viewing capability and is nearly 2x brighter than industry standards.

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