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Bushnell Laser Rangefinders combine accuracy and reliability to deliver confidence in the field. With various modes to support rifle and bows, Bushnell laser rangefinders can deliver an accurate range with your projectiles true flight distance in mind. Exo Barrier™ helps keep your vision clear as well as the laser and sensor by keeping fog, water and dirt off the lenses for clarity in any condition.

Vivid Display Technology

Dramatically improves contrast, clarity, and light transmission for rapid, positive identification in all lighting conditions.

EXO Barrier

EXO Barrier, quite simply, is the best protective lens coating technology Bushnell® has ever developed. Added at the end of the coating process, EXO Barrier molecularly bonds to the lens and lls microscopic pores in the glass. The result is an ultra-slick coating that repels water, oil, fog, dust and debris -- rain, snow, fingerprints and dirt will not stick. EXO Barrier is built to last: the bonded coating will not fade from the passage of time or normal wear and tear.


Products are O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for total waterproof and fogproof protection. These models can withstand complete immersion in water and stay dry inside. The interior optical surfaces won't fog due to rapid temperature change or humidity.

Rubber Armor

Rubber armor protects the structure and provides a sure-grip surface.


Extreme up and downhill angles alter true horizontal distance to your target. ARC accounts for the terrain angle when calculating distance, so you know precisely how to shoot the range.

  • Model: 202208

    Bone Collector Rangefinder - 600 Yard 4x20

    The bone collector laser rangefinder includes an in-view LCD display that provides the exact distance to your target from 10 to 600 yards with the tap of a single button. The 4x magnification and bright, crystal-clear optics bring you nose to nose with...

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  • Model: 202640

    Trophy Rangefinder - 850 Yard 4x20

    The Trophy® Laser Rangefinder features 7-850 yard performance, +/- one yard accuracy, Full Spectrum Targeting for positive readings in dark color or shaded areas. Rain Proof   - Still performs in rainy conditions. product manual

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  • Model: 202645

    Trophy Xtreme Rangefinder - 850 Yard 4x20 with ARC

    The Trophy® Xtreme Laser Rangefinder delivers true horizontal distance out to 199 yards. Its rugged, rainproof, ergonomic design makes for easy handling when ranging, and ARC Bow Mode makes angle range compensation a snap. ARC Mode   -...

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  • Model: LP1700SBL

    Prime 1700 Laser Rangefinder

    The Bushnell Prime 1700 6x24mm can range targets out to 1,700 yards. It’s accuracy you can trust, from the industry leader in hunting laser rangefinder...

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    Now: $169.99
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  • Model: LP1300SBL

    Prime 1300 Laser Rangefinder

    The Bushnell Prime 1300 6x24mm can range targets out to 1,300 yards. It’s accuracy you can trust, from the industry leader in hunting laser rangefinder...

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    Now: $139.99
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  • Model: LN624KGG

    Nitro Rangefinder - 1 Mile 6x20

    Experienced hunters and shooters know that accurate shots begin with an accurate distance to target. Bushnell® Nitro™ laser rangefinders are next level, with range extending to one mile and beyond. Forged polymer armor housing and EXO™...

    Was: $319.99
    Now: $229.99
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