Parts FAQ

Are parts available for older products?

Parts are available for some of our older models. After 5 years, however, the unit or a sample of the part needs to be sent in to get an accurate match. 

Do I have to include the Model #?

Yes. Parts are unit specific, therefore, we need to know exactly which model the part is for. 

How large are the maps?

There are 3 different sizes of maps that you can download to your GPS. Each will have a different resolution. The option with the larger coverage area will have less detail and a lower resolution. The smaller option will have a smaller coverage area, but will have more detail and higher resolution. So if you want to zoom in tight on a location, you will want to have the smaller maps, so the image does not become pixilated in the unit when you zoom in closely. These are the coverage area of the three scales that you can choose from. 1. 356 acres .75 mi x .75 mi 2. 1423 acres 1.49 mi x 1.49 mi 3. 5693 acres 2.98 mi x 2.98 mi You can visit and create an account and be able to view the detailed maps that are offered. 

How long do parts orders take?

Parts orders take 2-4 weeks to process. 

What is the status of my parts order?

Parts Orders take 3-4 weeks to process. Please contact Customer Service to check on the status of your parts order.

What mailing service is used when mailing parts orders?

Parts are sent through the United States Postal Service.

What parts are available for my product?

Parts Forms are listed under the Parts Information section listed in the left margin of this page. You can also access Parts Forms by clicking on the 'more info' link shown below.

Where can I find the Model # for my product?

Model numbers are usually located on the underneath of the product. You may also find it printed on the original item box. 

Why do I have to fill out the Parts Form?

This gives us the accurate information needed to complete the parts order. Click the 'more info' link below to view Parts Forms.