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FAQ Laser-Rangefinders

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Laser Rangefinders FAQ

This will designate that you have a low battery.

Usually this is caused by the unit suffering some type of impact which misaligns the unit. I suggest contact our Service Center at 1-800-423-3537 pressing option 1 in the main menu.

Current Models:

204101 Legend 1200 ARC CR2 Lithium
204100 Legend 1200 ARC CR2 Lithium
201942 Scout 1000 w/ARC CR2 Lithium
201932 Scout 1000 w/ARC CR2 Lithium
202204 Bowhunter Chuck Adams CR2 Lithium
202201 Sport 600 CR2 Lithium
201921 Sport 450 9-Volt Alkaline
201916 Sport 450 9-Volt Alkaline
204124 Yardage Pro Riflescope CR2 Lithium

Archived Models:
200602 Yardage Pro 600 9-Volt Alkaline
200003W Yardage Pro Legend CR2 Lithium
201319 Yardage Pro Legend Mossy Oak CR2 Lithium
200836 Yardage Pro Quest 2 AA Alkaline
201920 Yardage Pro Sport 450 9-Volt Alkaline
200001 Yardage Pro Scout CR2 Lithium
203000 Yardage Pro Scout Real Tree CR2 Lithium
201315 Yardage Pro Scout Mossy Oak CR2 Lithium
202018 Yardage Pro Trophy 9-Volt Alkaline
202020 Yardage Pro Trophy Mossy Oak 9-volt Alkaline
200405 Yardage Pro 400 9-Volt Alkaline
200500 Yardage Pro 500 9-Volt Alkaline
200750 Yardage Pro 750 9-Volt Alkaline
201000 Yardage Pro 1000 9-Volt Alkaline
200880 Yardage Pro 800 4 (AAA) Alkaline
205100 Yardage Pro 1500 9-Volt Alkaline
205101 Yardage Pro 1500 w/ARC 9-Volt Alkaline
201931 Scout 1000 w/ARC CR2 Lithium
201941 Scout 1000 Real Tree w/ARC CR2 Lithium

All Bushnell Rangefinders have a class one laser. 

The Yardage Pro Scout takes a CR2 Lithium battery.