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Trail Cameras Wireless

Before wireless trail cameras, trophy hunters needed to visit their hunting areas to collect the SD cards from their traditional trail cameras. Only after can they see the images and videos taken by the outdoor wildlife camera that they use to track their prize's movement and behavior patterns.

A regular visit to the hunting grounds can be distracting to the wildlife and may spook bucks away. Moreover, the time delay between taking pictures and seeing them is quite long, making the information unreliable.

Thanks to wireless trail cameras, we can now see images and videos in real-time. Better yet, we no longer need to collect the pictures on-foot since the wireless game camera sends the photos and videos directly to our smartphones.

A wireless trail camera is a cross between a traditional wildlife trail camera and a cellular phone. For the wireless game camera to work, you also need a SIM card and a cellular data plan.

A cellular trail camera can send a certain number of pictures depending on your payment plan and preference. It uses a 3G network coverage or higher, transmits via radio waves to a cell tower, and operates in the same way that cell phones do.

You can easily connect a wireless trail camera to your phone, even if you're not tech-savvy. Here's how:  

  • Install batteries and an SD card in your wireless trail camera.
  • Register your camera online. Ask your retailer or check online on how to register.
  • Mount the wireless game camera on your identified location.
  • Control your trail camera and receive images using your phone, email, or Facebook account.

Bushnell Impulse Cellular Trail Camera offers cellular video transmission and connects via AT&T and Verizon without a contract. It has a maximum of 20MP image resolution, one-second image recovery, active GPS, WIFI, and Bluetooth connectivity.

It also has a 1920x1080 video resolution and can record videos up to 60 seconds. It is compatible with a 32-GB memory card for image and video storage and has batteries that can last up to six months.

Bushnell Trail Cameras
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