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Trail Cameras Impulse

With the advent of hunting gadgets and gear on the market, hunting has been a more accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding hobby.

Wildlife trail cameras are one of these devices that make hunting a lot easier. With an outdoor wildlife camera, you can scout your hunting grounds 24/7 without being physically present. Wildlife game cameras take pictures and record videos of the wildlife activity and store them in a memory card, which you can view later.

The Bushnell Impulse Cellular Trail Camera does more than that. It can take high-quality pictures and movies and send them to your smartphone in real-time.

When setting up this wireless trail camera for the first time, go to on your computer browser. Create an account and use the serial number of your Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera to activate your account. Add the camera, give it a name, and key in its serial number.

You can activate a free plan and fill in your billing information for future reference. Choose from a selection of billing plans based on how many images you want to view on your smartphone from the wildlife trail camera.

We recommend using lithium batteries that come with the camera because they discharge at a more even rate than alkaline batteries. They are also less temperature-sensitive, making them ideal for outdoor use even during extreme weather conditions.

Set up your memory card and format it to the camera so it can create compatible partitions. We suggest using a 32-GB storage card to store more images and videos without filling up quickly. Select “send test image” to check if the trail camera can send photos to your phone successfully.

Then you can adjust the trail camera’s settings on your computer to suit your preferences, which include:

  • Camera name
  • Captures per trigger
  • Image format
  • LED flash intensity
  • Movie resolution
  • Night vision shutter speed
  • Passive infrared delay interval and mode
  • Camera mode – image, movie, or hybrid
  • Image resolution
  • Communication frequency

The Bushnell Impulse Trail Camera updates its GPS position every 24 hours. After you have adjusted all the wireless trail camera settings, you can bring it to your hunting ground and mount it in on your preferred location.

Bushnell Trail Cameras
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