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Bushnell Trail Cameras
Model: 119977M
  • Dual Image Sensors for high quality images day and night
  • 80 ft night range
  • 30 megapixels
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Price reduced from $273.99 to $209.99
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Volume Discount
Bushnell Trail Cameras
Model: 119986C
  • Extends Trail Camera battery life for months
  • Chargeable via USB cable (not included)
  • Adjustable screw-in bracket included
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Only $99.99 each when you purchase 2 or more.
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Best Seller
Bushnell Trail Cameras
Model: 119987C
  • Dual sensors for high quality images day and night
  • Up to 32MP Images
  • 4K video (Best in Class)
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Bushnell Trail Cameras
Model: 119949C
  • Next Level with Best-In-Class 4K video
  • Up to 30MP Images
  • Next Level with Best-In-Class | 110 ft night range
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Trail Cameras Core

Game hunting has drastically changed over the decades. Before, hunters need to spend a few days on the field, scouting for hunting areas and signs of game activity. Today, all it takes is a few minutes on your hunting grounds to mount a wildlife trail camera in an ideal location. An outdoor wildlife camera is the hunter’s eyes and ears on the field when they are not around, capturing images and videos of animals 24/7.

The innovation of wildlife game cameras continues to impress and aid hunters. The Core Bushnell Trail Cameras come packed with smart features that deliver impressive and high-quality images and videos, with perfect timing and accuracy so that you don’t get washed-out, blurred, or blank images.

Dual Sensor or DS is Bushnell Core Trail Camera’s technology that allows it to take equally crisp, high-quality, and amazing photos during night and day.

Most wildlife game cameras only use one image sensor to take pictures 24 hours every day. The effect is less rich daytime photos and dark or blurred nighttime images. Bushnell Core DS Technology gives you two image sensors – one which is optimized to capture rich and sharp daytime images and another sensor optimized for consistently illuminated and high-quality nighttime photos.

Bushnell Core DS No Glow Trail Camera is equipped with the latest DS technology for best-quality images day and night. It has an 80-foot night range for high-contrast night photos without wash out. Its rugged and weatherproof design can withstand extreme and changing weather and outdoor elements.

Low glow means that your wildlife trail camera emits subdued red light when it takes nighttime pictures, but the light is hardly visible to the unsuspecting eye. Deer, coyotes, and other wildlife nearby might notice this subtle light but not enough to get them spooked or distracted.

The Bushnell Core No Glow Trail Camera can illuminate an animal without it detecting the flash. A no glow flash is nearly invisible to the human eye and is suitable for nighttime wildlife photography. It is also an ideal no glow trail camera for security uses.

Bushnell Trail Cameras

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