Essential Gear for a Successful Spring Turkey Season

Essential Gear for a Successful Spring Turkey Season

Turkey season 2020 is almost here, and Michael Waddell of Bone Collector has some freezer-filling hunting gear advice just for you.

To give yourself the best chance at a successful season, you’ll need to make sure you have the essential gear to fill those tags. So, before you walk out the door on opening morning, here are the tools of the trade you need, and how they help the crew at Bone Collector say – You can’t stop the flop.

First Strike 2.0 Red Dot – Perfect for turkey hunting, this red dot will handle the recoil of your shotgun, while making it extremely simple to aim. Just place the red dot where you want it, pull the trigger, and see the results.

- These red dots are awesome! I use them with all the kids and ladies who are getting used to turkey hunting. It helps you find the turkey and get the head on gun and dot on the head. I use them a lot myself. Really handy if you have a turkey come in on the opposite side. I’m right handed and have shot turkeys left handed because of the asset of having a red dot. I wouldn’t be confident doing that with just a bead.

Trophy Xtreme Rangefinder – This 4x20 rangefinder with 850-yard range will give you the confidence to find the right distance for a comfortable shot on the gobbler you’ve been waiting for. That, combined with its compact size to fit in your turkey vest nicely, this rangefinder is a must have before walking out the door.

-Great LRF. I use them guiding more than by myself. I love to range a few spots to know the furthest shot to take. Definitely helps in crucial hunts where you have to make a quick decision on if you should take the shot.

Nitro 10x25 binoculars – These binos are the perfect mix of size and features. Sporting a foldable design for compact storage in your vest and loaded with essential features like EXO Barrier technology, ED Prime Glass, Fully Multi-Coated lenses and an IPX-7 waterproof rating, these binoculars will be up for anything you throw at them in the turkey woods.

-I never go hunting without the binos. There are times I don’t put them on a strap so I can put them in the turkey vest to slide around easier and also to ensure I never leave them at home.

Primos Photoform Decoys – New for 2020, the Photoform decoys are perfect for your hunt. As the most realistic turkey decoy on the market, the Photoform utilizes lifelike 3D foam as well as sporting an ultra-lightweight design that makes it easy to carry. Make sure to have this decoy in your loadout on your next hunt.

Bone Collector Soggy Bottom Box Call – Every turkey hunter knows that spring turkey season brings with it some quick weather changes. But that doesn’t stop the birds, so why let it stop you? Enter the Soggy Bottom Box Call. This all-new call from Bone Collector features a multi-wood construction, with a weather-proofed paddle and striking surface, ensuring your calls never falter, even in the most extreme elements.

Bone Collector Poplar Girl Pot Call – The Poplar Girl does it all for the avid turkey hunter. From its compact size, making it easy to store in you vest, to its versatility, you won’t be disappointed in the Poplar Girl. Make sure you have this call in your vest on opening morning.


To ensure a successful season in the turkey woods, consider adding any of the items above to your turkey hunting load out to make sure you leave your hunt with that big ole’ tom over your shoulder.