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Model: BF842T
  • The Forge 8x42 Binoculars feature EXO barrier protection to help repel water and dust and Ed Prime Glass to cut down on color fringing.
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Bushnell's Hunting Binoculars: The Forge Collection

Bushnell's Forge collection offers some of the best binoculars for hunting and observation. The high-end optics allow for the best clarity and visibility, incredible range and depth of field, and lasting durability from quality materials. This is the ultimate line with the best compact binoculars for hunting, and a popular choice for highly experienced hunters who take their craft seriously.

One of the biggest factors offered in the Forge line includes the low light performance of these top-rated binoculars. The lenses of each pair are made with ED Prime Glass. This quality material shields, protects and intensifies. It is designed to produce incredible resolution and contrast, which boosts your visibility of camouflaged animals, and allows for the most accurate colors. Most importantly, it delivers this even in low-light conditions where your visibility with another pair may be greatly reduced. If you're shooting from dawn to dusk or in uncertain weather patterns, the Forge collection will bring you the best results.

In addition to the ED Prime Glass, the Forge collection further boosts optics with treatments and coatings. The Forge 8x42 Binoculars, for instance, have both the PC3 Phase Coating and dielectric prism coatings. These treatments work by being applied to the prism on the interior of the binoculars. This enhances the colors, contrasting targets, and background more drastically and easier to see.

The highest quality hunting binoculars on the market sit in competition with Forge 15x56 binoculars,Bushnell's which offer the highest visibility and light with their incredible depth and large 56 mm lenses. It offers 15x the closeness in magnification, and the lens sits at 56mm, which is one of the highest field widths ranges possible.

If you're serious about hunting hogs or quail, other particularly hard to see animals, then go for the 15x56. If you are looking for a good quality binocular but are hunting larger animals like deer or elk, you would do okay with the 10x30.

It is also good to consider what time of day you plan to hunt. For example, if you're looking at early deer season and hitting the hunting grounds in the early morning light, go for a larger lens, like the 42mm or 56mm.

Bushnell has spent decades perfecting optics for hunters and offers an unbeatable, ironclad warranty with all their new products. This demonstrates our confidence with all our products. We've designed a binocular built to last. Our scratch-resistant lenses and durable body preserve and extend the lifetime of each pair, as well as the waterproof body. No matter which set of the Forge binoculars you get, the superior quality can't be beaten.

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