Parts and Accessories

  • Model: 42909

    Duraseal Varmint/Crow Combo - By Champion

    Duraseal self-sealing, hole-closing material lets bullets pass through with little damage to the target and it sits above the frame to provide life-like hunting scenarios. Duraseal also prolongs the life of the target-maximizing a Shooter's budget and...

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    Now: $21.99
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  • Model: HBCKU

    Gun Cleaning System by Hoppe's®

    The Hoppe’s Black Gun Cleaning System is the ideal product for every gun enthusiast. It includes everything needed to clean a wide array of firearms, including a cleaning rod, phosphor bronze brushes and Hoppe’s Black Gun Cleaner and Oil...

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  • Model: HGV

    Gun Vise by Hoppe's®

    The Hoppe’s Gun Vise has dual lockable sides to hold your firearm securely in place without making a scratch. It also provides compartments to hold cleaning tools and small parts. Dual lockable sides for a secure, no scratch...

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  • Model: 849722

    Scope Mounting Kit - By Weaver

    Changing your optic setup just got easier. This set features the fundamental tools to ensure precision mounting on your firearm and performance from your optics. A torque wrench provides precise pressure readings for tightening and Weaver SureThread...

    Was: $120.95
    Now: $69.99
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  • Model: 849724

    Modular Level System - By Weaver

    This system is a simple, yet effective way to guarantee a scope's crosshairs are level to the reciver and help ensure accuracy.  Simple to use and extremely reliable High strength magnets for secure grip Indicates if scope crosshairs are...

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    Now: $15.54
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  • Model: 849728

    Torque Wrench - By Weaver

    This torque wrench ensures consistent screw pressure to manufacturer's specs for proper scope mounting. Torque range: 10-80 inch pounds. 

    Was: $84.45
    Now: $63.20
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  • Model: 849717

    Compact Tool Kit - By Weaver

    This kit is designed to address the most common firearm maintenance tasks. It includes a magnetic-tipped hex bit driver and a variety of tool bits to service different fasteners. Lengthening attachments make many hard-to-reach adjustments possible. All...

    Was: $26.95
    Now: $19.94
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  • Model: 849716

    Soft-Sided Tool Kit - By Weaver

    Take care of all your gun repair needs at home or on the go with the new Weaver® Soft-Sided Tool Kit. Filled with the tools needed for a wide range of firearm repair jobs, this new tool kit is like a portable gunsmith shop–giving shooters the...

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    Now: $24.56
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  • Model: 849721

    Deluxe Scope Mounting Kit - By Weaver

    Now you can easily interchange optics on your firearms with professional-grade tools. This comprehensive kit contains all the components for precision scope mounting and maintenance. A torque wrench ensures you won't over-tighten your optics, while...

    Was: $146.45
    Now: $109.28
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  • Model: 849723

    Hammer & Punch Kit - By Weaver

    Trick out your gunsmith bench with professional tools from Weaver®. The new Gunsmith Hammer & Punch Set includes (8) steel punches to fit just about any pin and a hammer with brass and plastic faces. For fast, easy, gentle disassembly and...

    Was: $35.45
    Now: $26.53
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  • Model: 784030

    Advanced 60" Tripod

    This is a full-featured stand-up tripod for viewing from a platform, roadside, or deck where portability is not essential. Max height of 60" and an 8.8 pound capacity. 

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  • Model: 784040

    Titanium 63" Tripod

    This tripod features three-position leg angle adjustment, three-way pan head, two pan and tilt handles and a gearless reversible center column. Bushnell quality with moderate carrying weight, this is the ultimate stand-up tripod. Max height is 63...

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  • Model: 784405

    Car Mount For Spotting Scope

    The traveling birder's secret! You'll see these mounts holding spotting scopes and binoculars on car windows from Puget Sound to the Everglades. Has a 1/4-20 adapter to mount to many accessories like our Quick Release Tripod Adapter for binoculars or...

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  • Model: 740100C

    Laser Bore Sighter, .22 - .50 Caliber

    Its bright, battery powered laser makes rapid, ultra-precise work of boresighting. Created to met the demands of serious shooter and save you time, money, and your shoulder - it includes arbors for .22 through .50 caliber firearms. 

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    Now: $29.99
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  • Model: HRBL


    A trip to the range includes firearms, ammunition, targets, firearm cleaning supplies and safety equipment. It’s a lot of gear to organize and Hoppe’s® Range Bags can hold it all. Includes a handgun strap for safe and secure firearm...

    Was: $83.95
    Now: $59.99
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  • Model: BRL1


    Now you can illuminate the bore entirely to expose nicks, scratches, pits and fouling. Great for safety checks and lighting hard-to-reach areas Locking feature can keep light on for longer inspections Indispensable for buyers of used...

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  • Model: T01


    Stainless Steel Brush for aggressive cleaning of non-blued surfaces Phosphor Bronze Brush for blued metals: actions, receivers, barrels Nylon Brush for delicate parts and wood surfaces; great for checking and other carved areas    

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  • Model: RC22P


    Stay straight and true when cleaning your guns with Hoppe’s new all one-piece Elite Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod. At 8” in length, this carbon fiber rod is ideal for handgun cleaning and remains straight despite rigorous cleaning sessions...

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  • Model: HBGG


    Decrease the wear and tear on your firearms using Hoppe’s Black Grease Syringe that will help keep your firearm running in extreme conditions. Boasts extreme temperature range from -65°f to 540°f Synthetic polymer formula Syringe...

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