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Bright. Clear. HD imagery. A 65+ year masterwork of ruggedness, clarity and light transmission, Bushnell binoculars represent the pinnacle of optical performance for today’s outdoor enthusiast. The HDOS (High definition optical system) combines our key technologies like Ultra Wide Custom Band anti-reflective lens coating and BaK-4 Prisms to deliver superior light transmission and a high-definition picture. Add a waterproof structure and Exo Barrier™ to keep fog, water and dirt off the lenses and you get clarity in any condition.


An optimized balance of glass, coatings and construction to achieve high performance in contrast, resolution, and color. This is measured using MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) testing in various light situations.

Rubber Armor

Rubber armor protects the structure and provides a sure-grip surface.

Tripod Adaptable

Hidden behind the Bushnell B is a 1/4 inch mount area for a tripod adapter making it easy to attach mid and full size binoculars to a tripod.


Products are O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for total waterproof and fogproof protection. These models can withstand complete immersion in water and stay dry inside. The interior optical surfaces won't fog due to rapid temperature change or humidity.

EXO Barrier

EXO Barrier, quite simply, is the best protective lens coating technology Bushnell® has ever developed. Added at the end of the coating process, EXO Barrier molecularly bonds to the lens and lls microscopic pores in the glass. The result is an ultra-slick coating that repels water, oil, fog, dust and debris -- rain, snow, fingerprints and dirt will not stick. EXO Barrier is built to last: the bonded coating will not fade from the passage of time or normal wear and tear.

  • Model: BP1025B

    Prime Binoculars, 10x25mm

    High-power Prime 10x magnification in a compact package. Light and highly portable binoculars won’t weigh you down. Exclusive EXO Barrier Protection  -  Bushnell’s newest and best protective lens coating molecularly bonds to...

    Was: $89.99
    Now: $59.99
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  • Model: BF842T

    Forge Binoculars, 8x42mm

    Demanding optical and mechanical tolerances, premium Ultra-Wideband anti-reflective coatings, ED Prime glass, PC3 phase-coated prisms, dielectric prism coatings, EXO Barrier coating technology, compact, and lightweight.  Instant $70 Savings Now...

    Was: $459.99
    Now: $389.99
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  • Models: 334210, 334211

    Trophy Xtreme Binoculars, 10x42mm

    Big 10x magnification is perfect for distance hunters looking to identify far off targets. Realtree Xtra camo rubber armor adds authentic look. Fully Multi-Coated Optics  - Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces...

    $114.99 - $129.99
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  • Model: 132050

    Powerview Binoculars, 20x50mm

    Massive 20x magnification for long-range viewing. Multi Coated Optics - Multiple layers of coatings on all lens surfaces increase light transmission and image brightness. product manual

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  • Model: 132514

    Powerview Binoculars, 8x21mm

    A foldable compact that fits a pocket or purse. Fully Coated Optics – Single layer of coating on all air to glass surfaces for bright viewing. product manual

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  • Model: BP1042B

    Prime Binoculars, 10x42mm

    Prime 10x42mm binoculars provide rich features and a lifetime warranty at a competitive price. We started out with fully multi coated optics to increase light for a brilliantly bright picture. Then we used BAK4 prisms to increase brightness even...

    Was: $149.99
    Now: $119.99
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  • Model: BF1042T

    Forge Binoculars, 10x42mm

    The 10X42 in the Forge binocular line defines clarity.  With low light performance that rivals even the most respected optics brands, this binocular features ED Prime glass, PC3 phase and dielectric coated BaK 4 prisms, Ultrawide Band...

    Was: $479.99
    Now: $409.99
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  • Model: 134211

    H2O Binoculars, 10x42mm - Porro

    The all-purpose, full-size Bak-4 porro prism for high magnification at a distance. Non-slip rubber armor  -  Protects binoculars from impact and provides sure grip in damp marine environments. Multi Coated Optics  - Multiple layers...

    Was: $75.99
    Now: $69.99
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  • Models: 131055, 131056

    Powerview Binoculars, 10x50mm

    Great for examining detail at long range. Large 50mm objective lenses gather maximum light. Features a Realtree AP camo wrap. Multi Coated Optics - Multiple layers of coatings on all lens surfaces increase light transmission and image brightness...

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  • Model: 121225

    Legacy Binoculars, 22x50mm

    Incredible zoom versatility and extreme viewing power. Fully Multi Coated  - Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces deliver bright, high-contrast images. IPX7 Waterproof construction  - O-ring sealed...

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  • Model: BS1430

    Spectator Sport Binoculars, 4x30mm

    Low 4x magnification enables a massive 900-ft. field of view, the widest offered by Bushnell. It’s the close as you can get to panoramic view with binoculars. PermaFocus Technology  - Keeps distant objects permanently in focus,...

    Was: $86.99
    Now: $59.99
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  • Model: BN1042G

    Nitro Binoculars, 10x42mm

    This feature-packed Nitro binocular warrants best-in-class clarity and low light performance by means of a carefully designed optical system, Ultra-Wideband lens coatings, and PC3 phase coated BAK-4 prisms. Bushnell’s patented EXO Barrier lens...

    Was: $349.99
    Now: $289.99
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