Long-Range Competition Gear


Buying the right competition shooting gear can be intimidating. Top precision is required to ensure you hit your target from extreme distances. We’ve chosen our favorite products to make it easier to buy for yourself or the shooter in your life.

What is the best riflescope for long range competition shooting?

Long range shooting requires a clear view of the target and specific features to allow precise shots at distance. Bushnell has been a popular choice for professional long range shooters because our scopes are reliable, clear and a great value. If you love shooting at long range then you’ve found your perfect mate.

What are the best binoculars for long range competition shooting?

If you aren’t quite ready to invest in a specialized piece of equipment like a spotting scope, binoculars are a great way of assessing shots from a distance. A versatile pair of binoculars can also be used for a variety of other activities making them a great value for the beginner to intermediate competition shooter.

What is the best rangefinder for long range competition shooting?

The Elite CONX Laser rangefinder kit connects to an included Kestrel weather meter providing instantaneous ballistic information, giving a superior technological advantage to long range shooters. It’s the best of the best in long range shooting.

What is the best spotting scope for long range competition shooting?

When shooting long distances, it can be very difficult to spot hits or misses. If you can’t see where the bullet impacted the target then you can’t make adjustments on your next shot. A spotting scope will make it easier to spot impacts and confidently make corrections for the serious long range shooter.