Bear Hunting Gear


Buying bear hunting gear can be intimidating. We’ve chosen our favorite products to make it easier to buy for yourself or the hunter in your life.

What is the best riflescope for bear hunting?

You will want the best performance in low light conditions as well as a lower power magnification for quick target acquisition in your sights when choosing a riflescope for bear hunting. These recommended models are designed for short to mid – range shots.

What are the best binoculars for bear hunting?

Bear hunting requires a balance of size, field of view and magnification. 10x36 binoculars are an archer’s dream with plenty of magnification in a small form factor. 8x and 10x42 binoculars are classic hunting configurations that gather incredible light.

What is the best rangefinder for bear hunting?

Bear hunting is often at shorter distances with high angles due to varying degrees of terrain. Bushnell’s Prime and Nitro rangefinders account for the degree of angle and do the math for you so you can confidently know where to aim. The Nitro LRF is ideal for rifle hunters by providing a ballistic solution for over 2,000 off-the-shelf ammo, telling you exactly how much to hold or dial your scope in MOA, MIL, IN, or CM.

What is the best spotting scope for bear hunting?

Larger magnification and objective lenses allow plenty of light and detail to be seen from a greater distance. 20-60x65 and 20-60x80 are perfect options for your next bear hunting trip.