The all-new Banner 2

Purpose-built to Hunt.

Bushnell Banner 2
Hair-splitting contrast, resolution and supreme low-light performance are yours for the taking in this optical upgrade of our legendary Banner series. It's built tough for deadly accuracy when you need it most. It’s Purpose-Built to Hunt.
Clearest in Class

Clearest in Class

It owes its razor-sharp image resolution to an improved optical design with multicoated surfaces. The result is an extreme level of detail that aids in target acquisition, ‘aim small, miss small’ accuracy and your ability to judge game in the field.
Brighter at Dusk & Dawn

Brighter at Dusk & Dawn

The multicoated lenses are optimized for low-light performance with our Dusk & Dawn coatings for a brighter, sharper view when game is most active.

Count Hairs, Then Split Them

The combination of class-leading clarity and our Dusk & Dawn multicoated optics delivers a superior view of game that will help you put more game on the ground.
Banner 2

Dead-on holds out to extreme range

The DOA Quick Ballistic Reticle has six dead-on aiming points out to the incremental ranges specified in the Bushnell Ballistic app for your chambering and load. Aiming points also include wind-hold lines calibrated for a 5-mph crosswind at each distance.
Dead-on Holds Out to 500 Yards
Sync load data with the Bushnell Ballistic App
Download the app, enter your specific chambering and load data, and the exact yardages for dead-on holds with the DOA Quick Ballistic Reticle are in displayed for quick reference or transfer to your DOPE card for max efficiency in the field.
All-new Banner 2
Ironclad Warranty

Banner 2 is engineered to exceed your expectations and to withstand the rigors of lifetime of hard use. Should it ever fail, we will repair it at no cost to you.

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You and the Banner 2 are purpose-built to hunt.

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