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Will Primos

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Founder, Primos Hunting and Co-Host of Primos TRUTH about Hunting on the Outdoor Channel

Will Primos grew up hunting, and inherited generations’ worth of family experience one trip at a time. That passion for hunting inspired Will to start making animal calls as a hobby. Two years after that, in 1976, Will sold his first call.

“I realized that I may have something here,” Will said with a laugh.

Now Primos Hunting is known throughout the U.S. for all of its various calls – deer, turkey, elk, waterfowl, specialty and predator. It also makes ground blinds, decoys and various other accessories.

More than that, Will has spread his family’s knowledge to thousands of hunters via Primos Mastering The Art video series, and Primos TRUTH About Hunting on Outdoor Channel.

“The effort was to show somebody what we learned so they could apply it and see what works for them,” Will said. “When turkey hunting in infancy as nationwide hunting pastime in the 1970’s, if you didn’t have an uncle or daddy to teach you, no one knew how to do it, or what to do.

“It’s incredible the people who are now in their 50s who learned when they were 10 how to do it, because Primos shared it with them. It’s just amazing the number of people who react and have something nice to say. It’s a huge reward. It makes you feel good that your livelihood was a benefit to others, that it brought them joy.”

The most treasured hunting tips are the ones that are handed down, perhaps with a nugget of wisdom. Good hunters don’t have to be born now. They can be made, provided they want to learn. Will is happy that Primos Hunting is a source of good information.

“It ensures there’s a future for hunting and conservation. The non-game species that are protected because what the hunter has contributed finically has benefited all of society,” Will said. “There’s a lot to be thankful for and be proud of, and there’s a big future for the outdoorsman and the outdoor industry.”

Career Highlights

“We were elk hunting, and our guide, he’s looking through a spotting scope watching elk come off a plateau and through a meadow. As soon as they started to go in the timber, he said he knew where they were going. “We trotted and walked fast for one and a half hours. I had no idea how he knew where those elk would end up. There was a ridge coming out of the timber, and we beat them by about two minutes. Every one of them walked by at 20 yards, including a big bull.

The guide, him having knowledge enough to know where they were going to end up, it was pretty cool.”

Favorite Bushnell Gear

The Truth with ClearShot

“It’s hard to center in on one, but I’m not going bow hunting without my rangefinder. I love the ClearShot technology. And if I’m going on an extended wilderness trip, I’m taking a SolarWrap. I used it on a trip to charge my phone. The phone didn’t work out in the wilderness. But everybody, even the outfitter and the cook ended up using the SolarWrap to charge their phones and take pictures. It was awesome.”