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Travis Turner

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CO-Host of Michael Waddell's Bone Collector and Realtree Roadtrips

Travis Turner always knew he wanted to earn his living in the outdoor industry. He never imagined that it would one day lead to doing what he loves most in front of a camera.

“I knew I was in the industry, and as opportunities opened up, I took advantage and made a positive foot forward,” Travis said.

Travis thinks there is a difference between professional hunters and outdoor entertainers, and he considers himself the latter. He likes to hunt with his buddies, like thousands of other hunters. The only difference is the camera crew.

“We feel blessed to have this platform and it’s surreal we get to do that and speak at so many public functions, and it’s an honor to be a role model to rednecks and kids alike. We’re just celebrating the outdoor lifestyle, and whether we kill a doe or an 180-inch buck, we’re smiling from ear to ear,” Travis said.

Every hunt and every shot presents its own challenge, and Travis can’t wait to see what happens next.

“Each day and place is a totally new experience. The weather is different, the deer movement is different. Why can’t you be excited about being in God’s great outdoors and hunting His renewable resources?” Travis said. “When you know you’re going to shoot a deer or whatever critter you’re after, you get excited. The rush is still there.”

Career Highlights

“We were doing an eradication hunt in Pennsylvania in October 2012, and we were in a lady’s back yard. There was a big doe toward the end of the morning. She was 57 yards away, but she was bedded down and there was all these sticks and limbs in the way. I really could’ve used Bushnell’s ClearShot Technology then. Because it was bedded down, I didn’t have to make snap decision. I drew back and held on it and looked at my pins to see where arrow was going to fly. I shot that deer and everything was perfect. It jumped out, went about five yards, and that was all.

I couldn’t believe the arrow weaved through trees. There’s been several deer I’ve been so thankful it worked out. You just never know. It ain’t over until the lights are out.”

  • National Spokesperson for Whitetails Unlimited
  • Former competitive archer
  • Former archery store business owner
  • Television personality since 2001

Favorite Bushnell Gear

G-Force DX ARC

“Being an archery guy, I love my rangefinder - G-Force DX ARC. I’m proud to say I own the third Bushnell rangefinder to come through the state of Georgia, back in the early 90’s, and I’ve still got it. It’s a valuable tool, from competition to bow hunting, all the way up to rifle hunts.”