Bushnell Pre-Paid Data Plans

The camera performs on data provided by Bushnell at no charge, for the first 30 days. At that point, renewals are as economical as $9.99/month. All data communication to and from the camera operates on the reliability of the AT&T network. You do NOT have to have AT&T service on your current phone plan, nor do you have to sign a contract with AT&T since the data is provided through Bushnell and renewals are provided also through Bushnell.

Please check the coverage map to confirm the Trophy Cam Wireless has coverage the area you intend to use it.

Low Resolution Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images are low-resolution and provide a good indication of the animal or subject that triggers your camera. The resolution on these lower, but viewable images, provide a good indication of what the full resolution “high res” image captured. This allows you to see a lot more images from the camera at a more reasonable monthly price to gauge what is in front of your camera.

Data Package Monthly Thumbnails Price Per Month
No Data* 0 $0.00
Maintenance Mode** 0 $6.99
Economy 1,500 $9.99
Basic 3,000 $19.99
Deluxe 7,000 $29.99
Elite 15,000 $59.99

High Resolution Images

High resolution images are full 3,5 or 8MP images saved to the SD card on the camera. You can request these full resolution images remotely over the wireless network and also receive your images directly off of the SD card. This allows for much better viewing and zooming to clearly see the full quality of the game/subject you are viewing.

Options Images
Per Image $0.99
10 Image Pack $7.99
25 Image Pack $16.99

* 3G functionality only compatible in the US

* No Data Transmission - The Wireless Trophy Cam does not require year-round pre-paid data plans to function as a normal trail camera.

** Maintenance Mode - Data plan enabling the consumer to remotely monitor the camera battery level as well as update the settings on the camera such as PIR, Field Scan, Camera Name, Image Resolution, etc. No thumbnails are wirelessly transmitted, they are exclusively saved to the SD Card.