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Model: 119949C
  • Next Level with Best-In-Class 4K video
  • Up to 30MP Images
  • Next Level with Best-In-Class | 110 ft night range
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Coming Soon
  • ATT (A30) or Verizon (V30)
  • Legendary reliability – built to withstand every weapon Mother Nature throws at it
  • Crystal Clear 30MP Images
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Model: 119977C
  • Dual Image Sensors for high quality images day and night
  • 80 ft night range
  • 30 megapixels
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Model: 119975C
  • Dual Image Sensors for high quality images day and night
  • 100 ft night range
  • 30 megapixels
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Trail Cameras 30MP

Wildlife trail cameras are the trophy hunters' keen eyes on the field, which scout 24/7 for deer and other wildlife on the hunting grounds. With an outdoor wildlife camera, hunters need not frequent the hunting site, leave off their scent, and disturb the animals.

Thanks to technological advancements in deer hunting, you only need to mount wildlife trail cameras in their right locations, wait for a few weeks or months, then gather images, videos, and information that will help you succeed during the next hunting season.

However, your wildlife game camera needs to be hardworking. It needs to deliver high-quality images that can direct you to the right hunting areas.

You need clear and good-quality pictures of your game. From these images, you should be able to identify what type of buck it is, along with its age, movement and behavior patterns, and other characteristics.

You won't have those pieces of information from a poorly built trail camera – one that takes low-quality images and spooks deer with its nighttime flash.

You can determine the quality of images a trail camera takes based on its image resolution. MP or megapixel is the unit measure of a camera's image resolution or brightness. Generally, the higher the MP, the more precise, richer, and more high-quality the images are. Other factors affect image quality. If you want consistently high-quality images, look for a trail camera with:

  • A high-quality camera lens
  • 50-foot or longer detection range
  • A trigger speed of .5 seconds or less
  • Fast recovery time 
  • Long flash range
  • Burst and time-lapse modes
  • A battery life of six months or more

Taking consistently high-quality pictures depends on the wildlife trail camera's outstanding image resolution and the other essential features mentioned above.

Most 30MP trail cameras also offer specs and features for optimized daytime and nighttime image capture.

Bushnell Core DS Low Glow Trail Camera received a 91/100 rating from Trailcampro.com and has a 30-MP image resolution and dual sensors for richer and sharper daytime images and detailed, high-contrast images at night. This trail camera comes with a .2-second trigger speed and a .6-second recovery rate. It also has a color LCD screen in-camera for image reviewing.

Bushnell Trail Cameras
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