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  • Fully Multi Coated - Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces deliver bright, high-contrast images.
  • Argon Purged Fog-Proofing - Argon-filled optics remain stable regardless of ambient temperature for the ultimate fog-proof protection.
  • IPX7 Waterproof construction - O-ring sealed optics stay dry inside, when immersed in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.
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Model: SN206065GA
  • Incredible glass and coatings = bright viewing
  • 20x-60x magnification brings images close
  • Angled eyepiece for ease of viewing in different settings
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Model: 887520B
  • ENHANCED DUSK/DAWN PERFORMANCE Fully Multi coated optics provide a brighter and clearer image at dusk and dawn when you need to see the most.
  • BALANCE OF POWER AND SIZE Large power and objective are balanced in this easy to carry and maneuver scope.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION A durable chassis and rubber armor create a strong body that protects the optical system for a lifetime of use in the harshest environments.
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Model: 886520
  • Extra power for extra range, this is the ultimate portable, all-weather spotting scope for trophy hunting and birding. Green with Straight eyepiece
  • Fully Multi Coated - Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces deliver bright, high-contrast images.
  • Waterproof
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Spotting Scopes with 20x Magnification

When you think of Bushnell, you think of industry-leading optics for hunters, target shooters, and birdwatchers alike. Our 20x magnification spotting scopes are some of the physically largest and visually most powerful magnifications with incredible range. They are a great choice for those looking to expand their options with long-range shooting or fixed-location birding. With a few different options, Bushnell has a range of magnifications for our 20x spotting scopes, rather than just a fixed magnification.

First, a 20x magnification spotting scope is going to be extremely temperamental to your touch. If you haven’t mastered the stillness required of long-range shooting, you will want to take advantage of a stabilizer and tripod. Some of the 20x spotting scopes even come with their own stabilizer, which is more valuable for observation than it is for target practice.

A magnification at this power is going to be larger and slightly bulkier than its smaller counterparts. This only makes sense, though, when you consider the extensive use of lenses and mirrors to magnify objects at a rate of 20 times their normal size. As far as spotting scopes go, these are typically going to be about the highest scope ranges you will ever see or use.

This is the scope for the hunter with patience, a sharp eye, and a steady hand. The Trophy Xtreme 20-60x65 Spotting Scope is one of the larger scopes in size as well as power, and one of the top-rated spotting scopes on the market. This scope is so powerful and large, that it even comes with its own table mount for use with bench rest shooting as well as a window-mount included in case you spot a distant buck that you want to get a better look at.

Use the Trophy Xtreme during long-distance shooting and hunting when you’re going for distance. It offers a huge range from 20x to 60x magnification, as well as an objective lens of 65mm. It’s important to remember though that at these extreme levels, you start to experience more sensitivity, less range of vision, and sometimes less contrast. However, with superior optics and quality HD glass, Bushnell’s scopes remain sharp and clear.

Bushnell Spotting Scopes
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