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Model: 191142
  • Matte Black with N/A eyepiece ED Prime Glass - Bushnell's highest quality glass delivers amazing color, resolution and contrast, even in low-light conditions.
  • RainGuard HD - Patented, permanent water-repellent coating resists moisture from rain, snow, sleet and condensation for clear viewing, even in inclement weather.
  • Fully Multi Coated - Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces deliver bright, high-contrast images.
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Spotting Scopes with 10x Magnification

If you’re in the market for a new spotting scope and are looking for 10x spotting scopes for hunting or target shooting, there are a few important details to know about. 10x spotters offer a blend of balance between magnification and field of view (FOV). Before you make your decision, check out what learn a bit about what Bushnell 10x spotting scopes have to offer.

The biggest question is: “When would I need a 10x magnification on my spotting scope?” Traditionally, 10x is a good range for both target shooting and hunting when your expected target is around 200 feet away. It still works for closer or farther targets, but 200 feet is a good middle gauge.

With every spotting scope, you have to consider the trade-off of having the increased magnification. As your magnification increases, your FOV will typically decrease. When you narrow in on a target, you limit your peripheral view.

Plus, the more magnified your spotting scope is, the more it picks up on small shakes and movements. If you don’t have a stabilizer or something to rest your spotter on, using the full 10x magnification on your spotting scope will likely cause a bit of movement in your view.

The Legend 10x42 Ultra HD Tactical Monocular Black spotting scope is one of the best spotting scopes for target shooting with its 10x magnification. It’s also one of Bushnell’s best-selling optics in this range. It’s lightweight and compact, so easy to carry to the stand, blind or distant range. Additionally, the Legend Tactical collection in particular is durable and able to handle extreme weather like rain and snow.

Legend Ultra 10x42 Monocular’s lenses allow you to distinguish colors easily. It has a sharp resolution and excellent contrast, which makes it easier to spot your target at a significant distance. It is well made, built to last, and made of high-quality glass that gives you complete visibility.

Bushnell Spotting Scopes
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