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The sharpest, clearest, brightest optics in world—that’s Bushnell Riflescopes. We’ve packed 65-plus years of innovation into our riflescopes. Hunt or Tactical, Bushnell has a riflescope that can perform in any condition and environment. Bushnell’s HDOS (High definition optical system) combines our key technologies like Fully-Multi coated lenses to deliver an amazing 95 percent light transmission across 300 percent more of the visual light spectrum and ED Prime glass for a high-contrast and color accurate picture. Exo Barrier™ ensures that the picture stays visible by keeping fog, water and dirt off the lenses so you never miss a moment.

Throwhammer™ Throw Lever

Throwhammer™ Throw Lever is a removable lever enables quick magnification changes with the flick of the wrist.

T-LOK Turrets

T-Lok turret can be quickly lifted for quick adjustments and instantly locked into place by depressing the turret to its standard position.


Products are O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for total waterproof and fogproof protection. These models can withstand complete immersion in water and stay dry inside. The interior optical surfaces won't fog due to rapid temperature change or humidity.

EXO Barrier

EXO Barrier, quite simply, is the best protective lens coating technology Bushnell® has ever developed. Added at the end of the coating process, EXO Barrier molecularly bonds to the lens and lls microscopic pores in the glass. The result is an ultra-slick coating that repels water, oil, fog, dust and debris -- rain, snow, fingerprints and dirt will not stick. EXO Barrier is built to last: the bonded coating will not fade from the passage of time or normal wear and tear.


A delicate balance of glass, coatings and construction to achieve high performance in contrast, resolution, and color. This is measured using MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) testing in various light situations.

  • Model: ET732150ED

    Reticle: G3 (FFP)

    Elite Tactical DMRII Pro Riflescopes - 3.5-21x50

    The Bushnell DMR II Pro riflescope combines the exceptional performance of the DMR II with ED Prime Glass, which brings out rich color and the finest details, even (and especially) in low light. Exclusive EXO Barrier Protection - Bushnell’s...

    Was: $1,999.99
    Now: $1,699.99
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  • Models: ET36215G, ET36215GI, ET36215H

    Reticle: Multiple options

    Elite Tactical DMRII Riflescopes - 3.5-21x50

    The compact DMR II measures just over 13 inches and provides long-range precision without sacrificing short-range capability. Features a black finish and the G3, G3-i and Horus Vision H59 reticles. Exclusive EXO Barrier Protection - Bushnell’s...

    $1,249.99 - $1,549.99
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  • Models: ET45184GA, ET45184GI

    Reticle: Multiple options

    Elite Tactical LRTS Riflescopes - 4.5-18x44

    The magnification range extends to 18x, making it an ideal long-range scope for precision applications. Features G3 reticle illuminated in matte black model. The horizontal crosshair features hashmarks at every .5 MIL from center. The vertical...

    $1,449.99 - $1,499.99
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  • Model: ET71624P

    Reticle: Close Quarters Ballistic Drop Compensation (SFP)

    Elite Tactical SMRS II Pro Riflescopes - 1-6.5x24

    The Elite Tactical SMRS II Pro is built to meet the demands of the toughest users in competition or in the field. You'll pick up the target fast with the illuminated 2nd focal plane CQ BTR reticle. The unobtrusive turret caps will protect your turrets...

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