Bushnell Grand Slam Introduction

My name is Jarrod Nichols. I've hunted pheasant and quail since I was 9 years old.  My uncle introduced me to turkey hunting in high school, but it took me a long time to bag one (until my 3rd year out of college). My first turkey was a nice longbeard. I remember how he came in with the assistance of hen behind us. Her clucking and purring ended up luring in 5 big toms that day.  Then, as it does, life happened, and I didn’t get much chance to turkey hunt until 4 years ago.

I ended up running into my buddy Steve at the KS One Shot Turkey hunt and he managed to get me all excited about hunting turkeys again. Steve taught me about calling, scouting and tactics needed to hunt wild turkey properly. 

I joined Bushnell in 2016 to develop hunting and shooting products. It's a dream job. I’ve been blessed to be able to pick up new knowledge like precision rifle and 3-gun competition, though my true passion is, and always will be, hunting. Probably the best part of my job is that I've been able to hunt deer and turkey with Bushnell and our partners over the past few years. Last year our team talked about pursuing a dream, the Single Season Turkey Grand Slam. But, unfortunately, we got sidetracked by COVID. 

Now it’s finally time!

Over the next 6 weeks, our team will be pursuing all four wild turkey sub-species for a Single Season Turkey Grand Slam. I will be hunting in Florida for Osceola, Mississippi for Eastern, Texas for Rio Grande and Montana for Merriam Turkeys. I have the good fortune to hunt with Bushnell’s turkey hunting Ambassadors, including some of the biggest names in the business. These folks are the best in North America, if not the best in the world. They will be personally coaching me to achieve my Grand Slam and we'll be sharing these tips every week on our blog and Youtube channel. I am truly blessed by the experience of not only being able to hunt with the best individuals in the industry but also to use the best products in the industry.  

I'll be bringing along the following products on each hunt:

Although I will be taking on this experience myself, we're bringing along a few good friends to provide advice and share in the experience. 

  • Michael Waddell is meeting us in Florida for some Osceola hunting and campfire stories. 
  • Phillip Culpepper is helping us in Mississippi on Perry Ross's farm. 
  • Mike Stroff is joining us in Texas to bag a Rio Grande. 
  • David Blanton will be our wingman in Montana for our Merriam hunt. 

Check our episode 1 of the Bushnell Gram Slam Pursuit to see how me and the team prepare for the journey ahead.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and tune in over the next few weeks to see who is coaching me, where we're hunting and if we can achieve the illusive Grand Slam.