Producer and Host of Shooting USA on Outdoor Channel

John Scoutten

John Scoutten was involved with Shooting USA from day one – but back then he was an production assistant, toiling behind the scenes with all the gear and equipment needed to make a television show. Now, some 20 years later, John is host of the show that is anchored by his father, Jim Scoutten, now as it was then.

“If you told me then that in 20 years, not only will you be regular presenter and host, but that it’s still going to be going 20 years from now, it would be staggering,” John said. “It’s been an absolute blessing and a dream. We’ve come together as the face of Shooting USA and continued to build the brand. It’s something special, definitely.”

John interviews and participates alongside the best competitive shooters in the nation. He shows the challenges they face, as well as their thought processes. The idea is also to show the audience that you don’t have to be an expert marksman to enjoy and compete in shooting sports.

“Shooting USA has given me the of benefit of looking back to see what I did at Steel Challenge a few years ago, and people in the audience can see my improvement and it makes them want to go out and do it,” John said. “To me, that’s validation in the first place. The goal as far as Shooting USA goes is to get people involved.”

Career Highlights

“At the 2015 Bushnell Brawl, there were sustained full-value cross winds of 20-25 miles per hour, and we had to take five shots on a 66% IPSC target, (which is about 7.5 x10-inches) at 1,000 yards. Normally in a precision rifle competition, you don’t give wind calls for competitors. But with the help help of some seasoned precision rifle shooters and data I’d collected, I worked out a windage hold of well over 3 mils at 1,000 yards, which meant I was holding over three feet left of the target.) Of the five shots, I made three hits.

It really sunk in after we finished shooting the event. Driving out of the rifles-only facility, as we passed the 1,000- yard berm, I looked at the target, and I was like, ‘Man, that’s a really, really small target.’ To make that happen was like a perfect golf shot that makes you want to keep playing. And we got it on two cameras.”

  • Host/producer of shooting sports television for more than 20 years
  • Winner of NSSF Great Shots, Great Stories award
  • Two-time Emmy award nominee
  • Competes in Steel Challenge, NRA Action Pistol, IPSC / USPSA pistol, ICORE, IDPA and Multi-Gun, Precision Rifle Series