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George Gardner

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Team Bushnell Tactical Captain

George Gardner started GA Precision Rifles after a long career of serving his country in the military and his community as a police officer. Precision rifle shooting has been a part of his life since he was 18, and he had a hand in turning Precision Rifle Series into what it is today.

“It was a small community back then. I was just into precision guns. It morphed from 1998 to now. I just happened to be a guy who was around when it started,” George said. “It was just some long range military shooters and law enforcement guys who said ‘Hey, we should do some matches that are more realistic than just shooting paper.”


Home Town: Kansas City, MO
Day Job: Founder, GA Precision Rifles
Shooting PRS Since: Since PRS was founded in 2012
Longest Shot: 2,000 yards
Handedness: Right 
Eye Dominance: Right
Rifle: GA Precision rifle with Tempest action

Favorite Bushnell Gear

Elite Tactical DMR II/HDMR II 3.5-21x 50mm

"It really is my favorite one. It’s got all the features everyone needs, the price is exactly what it needs to be. I’ll get a lot of shooters involved in the sport that couldn’t afford to buy you know, a $3000 scope and it does absolutely everything I want it to do.”