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Charles Roberts

Charles Roberts Image

Team Bushnell Tactical

Charles Roberts has climbed mountains and raced cars and sailboats. He added long-range shooting to his list of hobbies a few years ago. The basics came quickly, and the love of the sport grew from there.

“It’s relatively simple. If you can hit a target at 100 yards, you can hit a target at a mile. The difference is the equipment we use, so you have to have a scope that holds zero and tracks correctly and Bushnell’s proven to do that in a great light. In addition, you need a ballistic calculator and a rangefinder that’s going to get you there, so you need to know that your range is the range and you need to know what your ballistic is going to be. If you have a modern calculator, it’s really honestly as turning a knob and pulling the trigger.”


Home Town: Fresno, CA
Day Job: Account Manager for IT company
Shooting PRS Since: Since PRS was founded in 2012
Longest Shot: 1,720 yards
Handedness: Left
Eye Dominance: Right
Rifle: GA Precision .308

Favorite Bushnell Gear

Elite Tactical DMR II/HDMR II 3.5-21x 50mm