Spotting Scopes - Accessories

Advanced Titanium


Our titanium model features three-position leg angle adjustment, three-way pan head, two pan and tilt handles and a gearless reversible center column. This is the ultimate stand-up tripod. Max Height: 63"

Advanced Tripod


This is a full-featured, stand-up tripod for viewing from a platform, road side or deck where portability is not essential. Max Height: 61"

Large Car Window Mount


The traveling birder's secret. You"ll see these mounts holding spotting scopes on car windows from Puget Sound to the Everglades.

Field Tripod


Compact, lightweight and easily set up in the field. Our best tripod for hunters and birders on the go. Max Height: 36"

Mini Car Window Mount


Easily adjustable compact window mount for spotting scopes. Tighten it down and glass away.

Mini Tripod


Compact tripod that is easily taken along anywhere and converts to a car window mount. Max height: 8"

Universal Digiscoping Bracket


Convenient accessory clamps onto the eyepiece of most spotting scopes, to attach a compact digital camera for “Digiscope” nature photography and scouting. The camera arm easily swivels aside to allow direct viewing.