Dramatically extend your effective range and judge a buck's trophy quality in record time with new Dead On Accurate™ (DOA) reticle technology featuring the Rack Bracket.
Whether you choose a rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader or crossbow to fill your tag, there is a Dead On Accurate™ (DOA) reticle for you. Its extended-yardage aiming points enable you to shoot with lethal precision out to 600 yards with a centerfire rifle (DOA 600), 250 yards with a muzzleloader (DOA 250), 200 yards with a shotgun (DOA 200) or 50 yards with a crossbow (DOA X-Bow).
The exclusive Rack Bracket feature in the DOA reticle series provides width reference lines that help you accurately gauge the size of whitetail or mule deer antlers at distances that make it difficult with standard optics.
It all adds up to more accurate shooting, and fewer excuses, at the moment of truth.
For 2012, we're offering our new, recoil-proof, glass-etched DOA reticle on a broad range of scopes to handle virtually any hunting situation.

General Features:

  • Precise Aiming Points at Extended Ranges
  • Compatible with today’s most popular hunting loads and bolts
  • Rack Bracket Technology Helps with Field Judging Game Animals
  • Available for: Centerfire Rifles, Muzzleloaders, Shotgun Slug Guns and Crossbows

DOA Reticles: