Camera takes continuous images of no subject

A camera has what is known as a “false trigger” if the PIR sensor thinks that there is motion and heat in front of the camera lens when there is no subject in the image. These “False Triggers” are the result of placing the camera in an environment where there is motion associated with tree branches creating motion in front of the camera or an area where there is high heat in the foreground and any motion from wind could set off the camera. Setting a camera up over water is also a potential cause for this issue.

To remedy this situation try moving the camera to an area that does not have any of these issues or try changing the sensor level on the menu settings.

If the camera continues to take images when there is no subject in them, try placing the camera in an inside environment and aiming at a location where there is no motion. If the camera continue to show issues, then there is probably an electronic component issue. If this is the case, please contact our customer service to send the camera back for repair. 

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