How do you align the finderscope?

Aligning the finderscope can be accomplished following these steps.

1. With the 2Omm eyepiece in place, point the telescope at some well-defined land target (e.g. a telephone pole or building) at least 200 yards away. This may be done manually or by using the fine tracking controls (control knobs). With target object centered in the field, tighten the control lock knobs.

2. Look through the finderscope and tighten or loosen, as appropriate, the finderscope's alignment screws until the crosshairs of the finderscope are precisely centered on the same object already centered in the telescope's field of view.

3. Once this is accomplished objects located first in the finderscopes field of view will also be centered in the main telescope. (Note: the image presented by the finderscope will be upside-down and reversed) 

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