Will the ImageView™ work on a computer with Windows® XP?

Yes, the ImageView™ has always been XP compatible. When we began shipping the ImageView™, the hardware and software was fully XP compliant, but had not yet been tested and certified by Microsoft®, which can take some time. If you get the screen shown below during your installation, simply click "Continue Anyway" and proceed with the installation. (If you click continue, but are asked for "disc 1", you should obtain a replacement disc by calling customer service at 1-800-423-3537). Installing the ImageView™ software will not harm your computer. We have now received "official" XP compliant status from Microsoft®, as noted on their website: link (Note-Sonix Technology is the supplier for the chip used in the ImageView™ electronics which contains the internal software, therefore, their name is indicated under "Manufacturer". The product itself is identified as the Bushnell® ImageView™) 

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