Why am I receiving one of the following error messages? “Failed to open camera” followed “ “Camera device connect error” “General failure in response to MSG_OPENDS. An operation error just occurred?”

The driver has not been installed correctly. Follow the instructions below to fully remove and reinstall the driver, which should correct the problem.

1. With your camera plugged in:

  • Click on “Start”
  • Click on “Setting”
  • Click on “Control Panel”
2. Within the Control Panel window there is an icon named “System”
  • Double click on the “System” icon, that will take you to “System Properties”
3. In the System Properties screen, Windows 2000 or XP users will click on the tab for “Hardware.” If using Windows 98 or ME, click the “Device Manager” tab and skip the next step.

4. Then click on "Device Manager"

5. Within “Device Manager” you will see one of the following files:
  • Imaging Devices or Other Devices, with either USB camera, Bushnell ImageView or Dual mode camera listed, and with a yellow question mark or exclamation mark showing.
  • Right click on USB camera, Bushnell ImageView or Dual mode camera, and then click on “Uninstall” or “Remove”
6. Go back to the control panel

7. Double click on “Add/Remove Programs”, you will find the driver listed as follows, depending on your ImageView model#:
“Bushnell ImageView” or “Dual Mode Camera (8008) VGA”

8. Click on the driver name for your ImageView model as listed above.
  • Then click on Add/Remove or Change/Remove (an uninstall shield wizard will pop up on your screen and take you through a removal process)
  • Unplug the camera from the computer.
9. Click on the Windows “Start” menu (lower left corner), and select “Search” or “Find”
  • Choose to search for “Files or Folders…”
  • Under “Search for files or folders named…”
  • enter “sndp202”
  • Select “Local Disk (C:)” under “Look In…”
  • Click “Search Now”
  • Select by clicking on and then deleting (press “Delete” key with file(s) highlighted) any files or folders found which begin with or contain “sndp” (e.g., sndp202, vsndp202.dll, sndp2023.dll, dsndp202.ax, etc).
  • Click “Start A New Search”
  • Now go through steps 3-6 again to find and delete any files or folders that include the name “aodp202”. (Note: you may not find any, depending on your ImageView date of manufacture)
10. Now restart your computer.

11. Reinsert the disc and install the driver only (when that is finished you will be able to go into the PhotoSuite program and download your pictures. If you installed PhotoSuite earlier, you do not need to reinstall it now.)

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