My photos from the ImageView™ come out blurry or shaky. Is it a problem with the camera, or is there something I can do?

Try laying the binoculars on a flat, steady, surface outdoors and snapping a couple of pictures. If the pictures come out clear, you are moving the binoculars too much. If the pictures still come out blurry, you may have a camera problem, in which case you should contact Customer Service. If the same area in all of your photos is blurry or soft (but appear sharp otherwise), try cleaning the camera's lens, using a small amount of lens cleaning fluid on the supplied cloth, or a dry microfiber cloth.

Tips for best quality of pictures: Be sure you have the camera set to its highest resolution and quality (file size)for the best results. You should always try to hold the ImageView™ as steady as possible, because the camera lens provides an 8x magnification (equivalent to about a 400mm lens on a 35mm film camera). As with any camera with a powerful zoom or telephoto lens, it is recommended for optimum results that you support the camera securely - keep elbows in, feet apart, brace your body against an object if possible-and slowly squeeze the shutter button (Snap) on the top right, rather than “punching” it abruptly. Try wrapping both hands around the ImageView™, and pressing the shutter release with your fourth finger. Use a tripod or monopod if possible on the models that provide a tripod socket, along with the self-timer or remote shutter button if your model has that feature. 

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