How do I download my photos using Roxio PhotoSuite 5?

  1. Connect your ImageView using the supplied USB cable directly to the PC. (Windows 98 users should be sure to install the driver from their CD first). USB hubs without AC Adapters(unpowered or passive)may not work correctly. Launch PhotoSuite 5.
  2. Under the Home Page frame on the left, select “Edit & Create”, then the Edit icon. You will see “Open”
  3. In the “Open” window, select “My Computer” in the left frame and use the “Look in: “pull down menu to select the ImageView, identified as Removable Disk ( ). (You may need to click “My Computer” or “Desktop” first)
  4. Your photos are the .jpg files inside: Removable Disk>DCIM>100Image.
  5. Select a photo and click Open, then edit the photo as desired-for example, “Overall Quality>Auto Fix”, then “Done” when you are through editing.
  6. To save your edited photo to My Pictures folder or a PhotoSuite album, proceed as follows: “Done Editing Photo”, “Save Changes? =Yes”, “Replace Existing File=No” (unedited photo is still retained in your ImageView memory), then “Save In” the desired location on your local hard drive.
  7. You may now disconnect your ImageView (see instructions above), and do any future viewing, additional editing, printing, etc. with the photo files from the folder or album you chose. You may also delete the photos in your ImageView memory and take new ones.

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