I cannot see as well through one eye as the other when looking through my binoculars.

Individual eye strengths vary as do fingerprints. Please refer to the instructions below for your individual type of binocular.


1. Adjust the interpupillary distance.

2. Set the 'diopter setting' (normally on the right lens) to zero and view a distant object.

3. Keep both eyes open at all times.

4. Using a lens cover or your hand, cover the objective (front) lens of the side with the diopter setting ring.

5. Using the focus adjustment, focus on the distant object being viewed.

6. Cover the other objective lens, then view the same object as above.

7. Using the diopter setting adjustment ring, focus on the same distant object as previous.

8. Your binocular should now be adjusted for your eyes. Make a note of the diopter for future use.

* Notes: Zoom Binoculars should be focused at the highest power possible. Perma-Focus® Binoculars do not require adjustment and use your eyes own ability to accommodate, most users have no difficulty with these models. 

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