Meet The Ambassador:

Travis Turner

Hogansville, GA
Claim to Fame:
Co-Host Michael Waddell's Bone Collector, Real Tree Roadtrips and Archery Expert

About Travis Turner

What age did you start hunting? 6.

Describe the point at which you knew hunting was in your blood: Since I was 6.

If you had to pick only one species to hunt, which would it be? Whitetail Deer.

If you could only hunt with one weapon, what would it be? Bow, Archery.

What is your most memorable hunt to date? Wow, that's tough. Memorable does not always mean a successful harvest. I would have to say the Milk River in Montana, that is some beautiful country, breathtaking and sooo many deer.

Do you have any video footage of this hunt? Yes there is.

What is your favorite Bushnell product? I love the Bushnell Rangefinders and the HD Flashlight!

When you are not hunting, what do you like to do? Spending time with my wife and our son Archer. I also love whitetail management and improving lad, working with my tractors. My wife calls it my diesel therapy!!

What is your favorite Breakfast Cereal: Captain Crunch Peanut Butter.

What is your favorite State to hunt: Iowa, but there are some real close seconds.

What is your favorite Old automobile: Late 60's and early 70's Chevy pick up trucks.

What is your favorite College sports team: Georgia Bulldogs.

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