Meet The Ambassador:

Ted Nugent

Detroit, Michigan
Claim to Fame:
Musician and Host of Spirit of the Wild.

About Ted Nugent

What age did you start hunting? 2.

Describe the point at which you knew hunting was in your blood: The mesmerizing, stimulating firestorm of powerful instinct as a natural born reasoning predator came to the fore in my earliest memories as a very young boy.

If you had to pick only one species to hunt, which would it be? The mighty whitetail deer.

If you could only hunt with one weapon, what would it be? As a free man I have made my choice and hunt with every legal weapon there is. However, hypothetically the mystical flight of the arrow drives me wildest!

What is your most memorable hunt to date? The incredible blessing of taking children on the last hunts in their lives.

Do you have any video footage of this hunt? They are all soul moving experiences and I do have wonderful footage of them all.

What is your favorite Bushnell product? Now that this bowhunting dog has learned new tricks and become a sight pin/peepsight shooter, the essential Bushnell ARC rangefinder is more important than toilet paper!

When you are not hunting, what do you like to do? Prepare my hunting gear.

What is your favorite Breakfast Cereal: Frosted Flakes with backstraps.

What is your favorite state to hunt: MI since it is my cherished homestate of birth.

What is your favorite old automobile: 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente with the 500 HP 429 firebreathing V8.

What is your favorite college sports team: Whichever one my son Rocco plays on soon.

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