Meet The Ambassador:

Michael Waddell

Fortson, GA
Claim to Fame:
Host of Michael Waddell's Bone Collector and Realtree Roadtrips.

About Michael Waddell

What age did you start hunting? 10.

Describe the point at which you knew hunting was in your blood: When I killed my first deer at 11 and won the local big buck contest in the area. I knew I was hooked and ready to get after them again.

If you had to pick only one species to hunt, which would it be? Turkey hunting is my all time favorite.

If you could only hunt with one weapon, what would it be? Bow.

What is your most memorable hunt to date? First would be hunting with my Dad and growing up in rural GA, but career wise would be hunting with lil' Michael Halisak from NJ. He had cancer and we took him turkey hunting because it was his wish. It was very inspiring and let me know that there is more to hunting than just trying to kill the biggest thing in the woods. Since the hunt he has gone in complete remission. The outdoors is the best medicine available.

Do you have any video footage of this hunt? They are all soul moving experiences and I do have wonderful footage of them all.

What is your favorite Bushnell product? The Trophy Cam Trail Cameras.

When you are not hunting, what do you like to do? Spend time with my family. We go to the lake a lot and spend time knee boarding, fishing and camping. I also love to play softball and play guitar. Family time however is my all time favorite thing to do. I love hunting with my two oldest boys. Mason and Meyer.

What is your favorite Breakfast Cereal: Frosted shredded wheat.

What is your favorite State to hunt: Montana.

What is your favorite Old automobile: Any old GTO's, Roadrunners, and all old muscle cars.

What is your favorite College sports team: Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers... believe it or not, both.

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