Shawn Luchtel

Vice President, Co-Host of Heartland Bow Hunter

Shawn and his fellow Heartland Bow Hunter co-host, Michael Hunsucker, started hunting together in high school. That partnership continued into college, when they started to film their hunts.

“We developed a tree arm to film our hunts with. We realized there wasn’t a quality one on the market, and the quality of (hunting) footage and story telling was not there,” Shawn said. “That’s where we developed that passion, to build our stories and do the best quality video that we could.”

That passion eventually led to The Outdoor Channel, and Heartland Bow Hunter went from a hobby to a way of life. Shawn loves the outdoors, like all hunters, because no matter how much time he spends in the field, there are always surprises waiting to be discovered.

“I like the serenity and just encountering things I’ve never encountered before, like seeing bucks fight,” Shawn said. “You don’t see that too often, and as much time as we’ve spent in the woods, I’ve seen it a couple times. It’s pretty unique.”

Career Highlights

“It was in Utah in the fall of 2014. I owe it all the Bushnell ARC technology. We stopped and the mule deer was down at this spot in the rock. He almost looked embedded under a log. With the shot angle, we were very, very high above him. When we ranged him, it said he was 25 or 26 yards away, but to shoot for 16. Without that technology, I probably would’ve shot over him. I stepped out and he spotted me. I had a split second to shoot. It was one of the toughest shots I’ve ever pulled off with how quickly it happened.”

  • Outdoor Channel Golden Moose nominee for Best Introduction

Shawn's Favorite Bushnell Gear

Elite Tactical LMSS 8-40x 60mm

“The tactical spotting scope. It’s lightweight, and very, very durable. For backcountry hunting, we use it all the time, and with it being on the light end for a spotting scope, it works out perfect. We bang our stuff on rocks and the rubberized coating is tough. We drop our packs and stuff all the time, and you forget that the scope is even in there. And the glass is just perfect.”

Elite Tactical LMSS 8-40x 60mm