4.5-18x 44mm


Brilliant clarity is the hallmark of a quality long range hunting scope. But beyond clarity, a good scope factors in elevation, plane, reticle options and turrets. The Bushnell Elite LRHS dominates in every single category. And we took a few accomplished hunters to show them what they’ve been missing. They started the day with their rifles equipped with Leupold, Vortex, Nikon and Ziess optics later replacing them for the Bushnell Elite LRHS. Instantly the differences were apparent.

“Very easy to use. It’s a lot clearer than my scope..”

– Gary P (Accomplished Hunter)

Shot aftershot it became clear that the Elite LRHS provided the guys a distinct advantage. And it’s not hard to see why:

Outstanding glass and coating quality offers unbeatable clarity; a 30mm tube allows for more travel in the turret, making it easier to shoot further; the exclusive G2 hunting reticle enables ranging in any magnification; a unique side focus provides convenient focusing; an exposed elevation turret makes it easy to dial in the target; and RevLimiter™ gives you zero stop on your elevation turret that allows instant return to zero.

“...Dial in the MOA, and shoot. Can’t beat that. It’s just a better scope than the one I’ve been shootin’.”

– Brandon G (Accomplished Hunter)

With all that you get in the Elite LRHS, it’s easy to think the price would be a few months of mortgage payments. But you’d be wrong. This ultimate hunting scope costs a fraction of what similarly-featured scopes cost. One hunter put it even better: “I could buy two of these and still have money left over for what I paid for the one I’ve got.”

At the end of the day, hunters raved about the Elite LRHS’ clarity, ease of use and features. Not one of them wanted to go back to their scope. One even joked about packing it up in his truck. Can’t say we blame him, either.