When it comes to acquiring a target in low contrast situations, no one tops the Bushnell Engage. That isn’t just us talking. Wells Research, an independent third party, applied MTF testing to Bushnell, Vortex and Nikon. The results couldn’t have been clearer: Bushnell’s scopes and binoculars dominated.

MTF, or modulation transfer function, tests the two main aspects of clarity: resolution and contrast. Through these rigorous standards, any hint of human error was removed, leading to results that were 100% accurate. Through testing, they came to the same conclusion we’ve known all along: no one beats Bushnell when it comes to clarity in low contrast conditions.

“The results didn’t surprise us. We’ve always known we’ve had better clarity than the other guys. Now we have the proof.”

– Dr. Bill C., Lead Optical Engineer at Bushnell

To back up the science with real-world applications, we invited a wide range of hunters and shooters to experience the Engage’s brilliant clarity and versatility for themselves. What they found was a line of optics that performed flawlessly, no matter the light or weather circumstances.

“Super easy to use, well built. Clarity’s amazing. I really enjoy the adjustability on the scopes.”

– Kenny (first time Engage user)

Built with Bushnell’s legendary durability along with its patented EXO Barrier, Engage repels foreign objects like water, oil, fog, and debris, outperforming the competition. The Engage line of riflescopes features the Toolless ZERO Reset Locking Turret. This user-friendly innovation holds firm with finger tightening, and releases just as easily when it’s time to return to zero. Additionally, Engage binoculars featuring best-in-class ED Prime Glass delivers the smallest details, allowing you to see clearer and brighter.

“It was really quite easy to get it clear. From 300 to 600, that’s a big difference in yardage, and it was a snap to sit there and twist the knob.”

– Forest (first time Engage user, former Vortex user)

The Engage also comes with the Deploy MOA reticle. This all-new feature adapts to various loads and calibers, and is perfect for hunters and target shooters. Feedback from these hunters and shooters was as clear as their 600-yard shot: nothing tops the Engage in clarity and versatility. Whether it’s an independent third party or a group of hunters and shooters, everyone agrees that, when it comes to clarity and versatility in any condition, nothing beats the Bushnell Engage.

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