3.5-21x 50mm


Bushnell’s Elite Tactical DMR/HDMR line is a tried, tested and proven performer in the hands of the world’s elite precision shooters. The new DMR II/HDMR II is no different, a true evolution of the original DMR design, it stands out, offering broad, repeatable capability, unyielding durability and unwavering reliability no matter the field of operation or circumstance.

“Bushnell is proven. In the first two years of the PRS Series Bushnell won more matches than any other scope out there.”

– Tom Fuller Bushnell Tactical Team

Adopted as the optic of choice among members of the Bushnell Tactical team they rely on it to get the job done as they compete for their next series of Precision Rifle Series Championships.

“Show up to the range with the scope of your choosing, and I’ll show up with the DMR II and we’ll see who’s left wanting,”

– Bryan Sikes Bushnell Tactical Team

It isn’t hard to see why. At less than 13” in length the DMR II/HDMR II offers more performance than any scope in its class providing long-range precision without sacrificing short-range capability. The DMR II’s new G3 reticle provides precision holdovers at any range allowing shooters to quickly engage targets that are on the move. It also features a low profile elevation turret that provides 10 MILs of adjustment per revolution and is equipped with the easy-to-set RevLimiter™ zero stop for a positive return to zero. And magnification changes can be done in a simple flick of the finger with the ThrowHammer™ Lever.

Sikes sums up the DMR II by saying, “[There isn’t] another scope out there that would offer me anymore than what my [DMR II] does.”