35–1760 YARDS


There’s a simple truth of long-distance shooting: The greater your confidence, the better your accuracy. To prove this out, we invited four accomplished hunters to the range to shoot targets at distances from 100 to 600-plus yards with their hunting rifle, ammo and, at first, their optics. Then we changed their optics—and the game. We armed each shooter with an Elite 1-Mile CONX paired to a Kestrel® Sportsman Ballistics Weather Meter and an Elite LRHS 4.5-18x 44mm Riflescope. This true long-range shooting system calculates long-distance firing solutions instantly, affording users of any experience the certainty to hit long range targets at will.

“I had no idea I could hit anything at 600 yards with my rifle, but now I’ve got confidence that I can do it.”

– Gary P (First Time Elite 1-Mile CONX User)

Initially comfortable with their hunting setup, shooters took aim and hit the target from only a few hundred yards out. As range increased, they struggled with holdover and elevation adjustments. It was complete guesswork. That’s when they exchanged their Vortex, Leupold, Nikon and Zeiss optics for Bushnell. Each shooter took to the range again, this time equipped with a complete long- range technological advantage at their fingertips.

With the Bushnell Elite 1-Mile CONX combo and the Elite LRHS 4.5-18x 44mm Riflescope, shot after shot hit the mark. Shooters repeatedly struck the 600-plus yard target, dotting the steel with precise, ethical shots. The guesswork was gone. In its place was precise elevation and windage adjustments, instantly crunched and accurately displayed in the Elite 1-Mile CONX with the touch of a button. Shooters simply dialed the elevation and adjusted holdover to conquer shots they thought unimaginable with their rifle. Now that’s confidence-inspiring.

“Took all the guess work out. Now I know I can because it is made so simple.”

– Stanley F (First Time Elite 1-Mile CONX User)

In other words the Elite 1-Mile CONX, “Takes an average shooter and turns him into a professional.” Put yourself ahead of the game with the Bushnell Elite 1-Mile CONX awarded Guns and Ammo’s prestigious “Innovation of the Year” award and experience the confidence to unquestionably further your accuracy.